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By now you have probably heard of the powerful results the Holosync program offers. Although the CD’s are designed to assist with meditation, there are also some powerful benefits for those who want to visualize better. From the list of Holosync benefits, the technology behind binaural beats, and some lesser known alternate uses. This article aims give a Holosync review you can act upon. checkout these Holosync.

The main reason a person would be interested in choosing the holosync program is to improve meditation. By improving we mean, to assist in creating deeper state of meditation. This can also cause a boost in intelligence and creativity. It has also been reported to slow the aging process, however it is more likely to help create an emotional change at the deeper levels of the subconscious. At the very least, using Holosync for meditation will help eliminate stress. However this can take time.

While conducting research for this Holosync review it became clear that the program is designed to take several years to complete. Just like meditation, the effect is expected to improve with time and practice. So then what exactly is the technology behind this program?

The Holosync Back Story
Based on a research paper published in Scientific American by Dr. Gerald Oster called “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, the Holosync program aims to use sounds to alter consciousness. The main discovery was that by using two sounds that are close yet slightly shifted in frequency and different in each ear a person can experience changes in brain waves. These pulses known as binaural beats case the listener to begin resonating to that the new frequency. The overall effect is a change in the brain waves of the listener.

Binaural beats that gradually cycle towards a faster speed will cause a person to experience increased alertness, while slowing beats will help with relaxation. Depending on the desired result of the listener, there are a number of common uses.